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Related article: Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 00:13:21 -0500
From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 16. The Nerds.Friday and Saturday nights were usually best nude lolitas model pretty quiet in the dorm. The cool
guys were out on dates or in bars. The only ones around were the nerds. A
four of us got together one friday night to play cards. They started to
complain how the dorm sucked because there was no privacy. One guy said he
needed to jerk off but his roomate was always in the room and someone was
always in the shower or bathroom, and there was no where to go. I told him
my roomie and I had an arrangement. That since there was no privacy in the
place, we decided it was ok to jerk off in front of eachother. They all
seemed interested. I had seen all these guys preteen nymphets lolita underage in the showers and they all
had nice cocks, and none of them shaved their body hair. One guy said it
sounded pretty gay. I said that at least I could jerk off when I was
horny. They all laughed. Another guy said it was good for me because I had
a cool roomate, but his roomate would freak if they jerked off in front of
eachother. I told them that in the school I used to go to, they had a club
where a bunch of guys who were horny used the services of a gay guy to get
off. The deal was, that the guy would suck us off and in exchange, they
wouldnt make any demeaning comments to him and they wouldnt tell anyone
outside the club about it. That way, his secret was safe, and they got
their cocks sucked. One guy said that would be great, but where would they
find a guy to suck them off. They all said they would be cool with it, as
long as they didnt have to suck the guy off, and I told them they wouldnt
have to. They agreed to it like a secret society, but they would still have
to find someone to blow them. One guy, with a pretty big cock, pulled down
his shorts and said he was willing, and asked who wanted to suck him. With
the other guy watching, I got on my knees in front of him and started to
lick his cock head. His cock started to grow. I took him in my mouth and
started sucking his cock. The other guys just watched in awe. He slid his
shorts off and i started sucking him down to his pubes. He started moaning
as I gently tugged on his balls and moved up and down on his cock. I looked
around and the other guys had their cocks out stroking. He kept saying "Oh
man, this feels good." I ran my hands under his shirt and felt his chest
as I sucked him. I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth, and let him
shoot his load in my mouth. I swallowed the load. I turned around and
said who's next?A slightly chubby guy loli girl net models with red hair stood up in front of me. He had taken
off his clothes and I started sucking him while my hands massaged his body.
All the guys had taken off their clothes and were stroking themselves as
they watched me suck his cock. While I sucked him, I felt the guys pulling
my clothes off. One guy started playing with my tits, and another slid his
hands between my legs from behind and started stroking my cock. The red
head shot his load in my mouth, and another guy took his place. I got to
suck each one of them, and I didn;t know who, but while I was sucking,
someone fingered my ass. I shot at least two loads while I sucked them.
When we were done, and got dressed, I told them I would suck them whenever
they wanted, underage vorgin lolas naked
but they coudnt tell anyone. They were all pretty happy with
the idea.A couple of days later, the red headed guy knocked on my door. He said his
roomate was gone for the afternoon and asked if I could come over. I went
to his room with him, and he slid off his clothes, and I got on my knees.
I started to suck his cock, and he ran his fingers through my hair as i
sucked his cock. He stopped me and asked if I would get undressed too, and
I did. We lay on the bed, and he started playing with my tits. He asked if
what we did in private was secret too, and I said that it was. He started
to suck my tits, and as he did, I felt his finger find my asshole, and he
started fingering me down to his nuckle. He got between my legs and said
he checked out my ass every time he saw me in the showers. He had a couple
of fingers in me, and I was enjoying it. He pushed my thighs up on my
chest, and I felt him position his cock head against my hole. He was
precumming, and I felt his cock head slide into my hole. He pulled out and
spit on his cock, and slid it back in. He thrust his cock into me in one
quick thrust. I thought I would split in two. I told him how hot I thought
he was, and he started slding in and out of me. I loved seeing his red
armpit hair showing under his arms. He started moaning as he pounded my ass
harder and harder. I clamped down on his cock wiht my ass and he started
shooting his load inside me. He kissed me and thanked me, and I told him
how much I liked being with him, and reminded him not to tell anyone. I
got dressed quickly and left because his roomate was due back. I went to
my room, grabbed a towel and took a shower. I could feel his cum dripping
out of me.Even though I messed around with my roomate, I didnt tell him about the
club. He had other interests, and was just having sex with me to get off
anyway. He didn't hang out with the nerds, so there was no problem. I
went to dinner, and sat with the nerds. We chatted about school and the
jocks and homework. lolitas con tias consoladores No one even mentioned the previous weekend. I was
pleasantly surprised that everyone was honoring the agreement. Jason, the
first guy I sucked that night, got to dinner late. He rode his bicycle
across campus after class to get to dinner before the dining room closed. I
sat with him while he ate. One by one the other guys left to do homework or
whatever. While we were talking, he said he really enjoyed the other
night, and asked if we could get together for a private session. I said
sure, when and where? He said he was thinking tonight, after dinner because
his roomate was going out with his girlfriend and woudlnt be back until
late. He said he just had to shower first. I asked if he could wait to
shower until after we were done. He shrugged his shoulders and said ok.After he finished we went to his room. We were just chatting in general and
his roomate was just leaving. After he left, Jason took off his shirt. I
traced the trail of dark hair across his chest, going nud st russian loli
down to his waist with
my fingertips. I liked his sweaty manly scent. He lifted his arms for me
and I licked his hairy armpits. I told him how sexy his pits were. He let
me lick and caress them. I got on my knees and undid his jeans and slid
them down and he stepped out of them. He was wearing cum stained white
breifs. They had a strong crotch smell, and I slid my fingers into them,
feeling his big cock and his thick bush. I pulled them down and started to
suck his balls. He moaned softly. Then he asked me if I would get
undressed, so I slid off my sweats, for the second time that day. He
caressed my breasts and started to suck them. He was very good at it and I
lay back and enjoyed it. I had him lay back on the bed and pull his hairy
legs up, I licked him from his balls to his ass and tongued his hairy
hole. He was so excited he almost levitated off the bed. I moved on top
of him and started to suck his cock. He was amazed that I could deep throat
him because he was so big and thick. He groaned as i sucked him. He asked
if he could fuck me, and I nodded. child lolita 12y bbs He had me get on my knees and little ebony lolitas pictures
bury my
head in his pillow. He got some vaseline out and lubed his cock. Then he
started sliding in and out of me slowly, working his cock deeper into my
ass. I realized that he had done this before. I pushed back onto his
cock, burying it deep inside me. I could feel his thick bush against my
cheeks. He reached around and played with my tits then started stroking my
cock as he slammed his cock into my ass over and over. In a short time I
could feel his cum pumping into my ass. He shot a huge load. When he was
done he pulled out. I rolled over and he kissed me passionately. preteen nymphets lolita underage He said
it was a long time since he fucked anyone, and loved my ass. I told him he
could fuck me anytime he wanted, but reminded him not to tell anyone.I put my sweats on and went to my room to get another towel. We met in the
shower room and chatted like nothing ever happened. As I checked out his
body in the shower, It was hard to believe that big cock was inside me.
During that week, I was with each of them at least twice.
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